Ruby Flambé

Ruby Flambé, based in Bellingham, Washington – featuring the soulful and evocative vocals of singer-songwriter Bailey Ann Martinet on ukelele; the keyboard virtuosity of Bob Paltrow, and the versatile David Vaughns on drums and percussion. Ruby Flambé teleports to another place and time: bluesy, post-modern retro; flavors of 30’/40’s jazz and cabaret, with a contemporary carnivalesque flair. We perform as a duo or trio, playing covers from all eras including blues, jazz, country, r&b, hip-hop and soul.

In February of 2015, Bailey had the honor of winning the inaugural Poppe’s 360 Bellingham Singer-Songwriter Contest in a 6-week, round-robin style event with a talented array of local songwriters. Ruby Flambé is performing at venues, festivals, special events and weddings throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Performing with the evocative Bailey Anne Martinet at a special 4.20 Open Mic at the Wild Buffalo House of Music, B’ham 4.20.2015

Ruby Flambé performing the original “Up In Smoke” at Poppe’s 360 Bar 5.20.2015

Ruby Flambé Performing a cover of Tom Waits’ “Chocolate Jesus” at Poppe’s 360 Bar, Bellingham WA 5.20.2015