Ebb, Slack and Flood

Ebb, Slack, and Flood is the band I play with out of Anacortes, Washingtong playing funk, soul and reggae with a heavy Blues accent. Our unique sound is a collaborative fusion, each one of us bringing different skills and styles to the table.

  • Tom Savage, lead guitarist, was born in the Pacific Northwest and grew up in Anacortes. Raised on blues & jazz, Tom also performs gypsy jazz and delta blues as a solo performance.
  • Giovanni De La Rosa, bassist, was born in Puerto Rico. Gio has a background in Latin music, reggae, hip-hop, and funk.
  • Chris Nickerson, drummer, was born in the Pacific Northwest. His musical background ranges from blues to metal to funky jazz. Self-taught, Chris has developed a “groovy” blend of rhythms.
  • Bob Paltrow, keyboards and organ, is a recent addition to the band. Raised in Long Island, NY and Tucson, AZ, he is a singer-songwriter, and enjoys sitting in with musicians, playing and learning new genres.

Much like our name, Ebb, Slack, and Flood has always been changing like the tides. Gio’s father Oscar De La Rosa, an accomplished Latin percussionist, played music with Tom’s father, John Savage. One day Gio was invited to jam with Tom and Chris. They started playing covers, but very soon inspiration struck, and they began evolving their own jams.

Three years and a few bands later, Gio, Tom, and Chris realized they had something special and officially started Ebb, Slack, and Flood. The name fits their ever-evolving collaborative style and has special meaning to them because each of the band members grew up on islands.

You can catch Ebb, Slack, and Flood almost every other weekend playing in local venues in Whatcom and Skagit County. Check out their website, www.ebbslackandflood.com for their latest shows.