Hey There!

I’m Bob Paltrow, singer-songwriter/composer residing in Bellingham, WA, one of the coolest little music towns in America. I am a classically-trained pianist, guitarist and songwriter, composing and performing in a variety of genres including rock, pop, folk, jazz, folk, latin and blues.

There are two band projects that I am involved with currently.

And Ebb, Slack, and Flood – a great band out of Anacortes, Washington playing funk, soul and reggae with a heavy Blues accent. Well written originals with a variety of influences, and I would say retro-soul/funk/reggae/blues covers. Some standards. Featuring Tom Savage our lead guitarist/vocalist. Tom also performs gypsy jazz and delta blues as a solo performer. Our bassist/vocalist Giovanni De La Rosa, was born in Puerto Rico and has a background in Latin music, reggae, hip-hop, and funk. Our drummer, Chris Nickerson’s musical background ranges from blues to metal to funky jazz. Self-taught, Chris has developed a “groovy” blend of rhythms, Chris sings harmonies and lead on several songs. And myself, the newest member of the group, I’ve been playing with Ebb, Slack and Flood since August 2016. Coolest band I’ve ever played with! Great guys!

My other project is duo Ruby Flambé, featuring the soulful and evocative vocals of singer-songwriter Bailey Anne Martinet, who also plays a variety of ukeleles. I would describe our music as bluesy, post-modern retro; it has both a flavor of 30’/40’s jazz/cabaret, and maybe a futuristic carnival band from the Star Wars bar.

Performing at the 2017 Sunnyland Stomp in Bellingham WA. At the backyard stage of my friends Jeff and Patti Braimes, July 15, 2017. “Only Love (Can Change This Dark Direction)” Words & Music ©2017 Bob Paltrow Music.

This is an original song on guitar, “Brooklyn.” – Performed a the Green Frog Open Mic, Bellingham Washington Feb 15 2016. Brooklyn – words & music ©2016 Bob Paltrow
A video I put together, a travel log of my first show playing with Ebb, Slack and Flood. August 7th, 2016 on Guemes Island, Washington.

Performing as Ruby Flambé at Sunbanks Music Festival 2015, 9.13.2015 in Electric City, WA. Bailey Martinet – vocals; Bob Paltrow – keys; David Vaughns – drums

Performing “Heart Keeps Beating Like An Engine Running” solo at Café Bouzingo in Bellingham, WA 12.8.2015

Here’s some video from WuHu’s very first performance, playing “Voices” at The Wild Buffalo House of Music in Bellingham, WA on February 17, 2015. With Joe Marx of B’ham funksters Snug Harbour on percussion.

Bob Paltrow "Always Here For You"

Always Here For You
Released 12-12-2012

ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU, Now Available on iTunes!  Nine all-new, all-original tracks, ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU is a pastiche of influences resonating with aftertones of blues, funk, hip-hop, gospel choirs, Tibetan monks, gypsies and traveling carnivals. All wrapped up in a nice, bright popish modern rock envelope. ALBUM DETAILS

Featuring the Burning Clover Band with Jeffrei Willson on guitar, bass, drums and keys; Kelly Grotke on vocals; Brett Steelhammer and Blake Cisneros on drums; Chuck Kitterman on percussion; Cheri Nunamaker with a lead guitar cameo on “Heavenly Body,” and highlighted by Scott Greene’s scintillatingly crisp lead guitar on the title track “Always Here For You.”

You can preview all the songs in their entirety right here on my site. ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU can be found online at iTunes, Amazon MP3, CD BabyReverb Nation and other fine virtual retailers occupying the music cloud!

Bob Paltrow Piano "Lucky"

Released 2-21-2013

LUCKY: an album of 13 original compositions performed on solo grand piano, blends an array of genres and styles while showcasing Paltrow’s improvisational chops, dynamics and moods. Listen to tracks from Lucky here. You can also preview and ecurely purchase digital downloads through ReverbNation.